Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Harvey's Plumbing and Heating Fabrication Update!

Coordinated CAD Plan Set and 3D Underground Rough-In Model for prefabrication and placement in the field.
Cloud Storage of our Plumbing Assemblies

Bob Harvey Fabricating off of our internal Spool Sheets from Revit

Assemblies from Revit to Fabrication for Yellowstone Club Resort Homes.

Toilet and Sink Assembly
Floor Drain Assembly

Thanks to SysQue and Building Data we have been able to successfully integrate our plumbing designs to fabrication level of detail. So far we are using the spool sheets primarily for our underground rough-ins. We are currently developing our coordination with stud locations and wall locations to field verify and prefabricate our plumbing assemblies in the walls of these homes. This whole process has increased our efficiency in the field and design communication to the foreman and architects. This process has been an evolving process, but being able to coordinate with our foreman, estimation team, and contractors, this has been immensely rewarding. Our next obstacle is conquering our duct fabrication and implementation for fabrication. The tin shop is currently under construction and we will be rolling out Autodesk CAMduct in conjunction to running the sheet metal through our Revit Fabrication toolbar to fabricate in that shop with our plasma table. We are also investigating using our SysQue duct tool. This is the process that is under construction right now, and I look forward to sharing some examples of this shop when it's all up and running!


  1. Brian, this is great. Congrats to you and the Harvey team.

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