Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dynamo - Sage Database Excel Parameter Mapping Part Numbers and Cost Module

For some time now we have been coordinating our database of parts in Revit to match our database inventory in Sage 100 Contractor. Well today, I am proud to announce, we have figured it out! All with a simple Dynamo script. The process is simple! We tied a description to all of our parts from Sage to all of our Revit families. We then use Dynamo to use these "Key Families" to parameter map the descriptions of an excel spreadsheet to the prospective "Key Family" in the revit model. This allows us to pull the pricing data in at the end of each job, accurate pricing based on updated excel spreadsheets to our server, and in turn handing off accurate spool drawings with pricing to aid in our initial estimation and fabrication stage. Attached below is the current script and an example of the excel spreadsheet we are using to fuel this data to the parts! Enjoy!

Sage Database Parameter Mapping Part Numbers and Cost Module

Excel Spreadsheet of Data from Sage 100 Contractor

The Model Space Example
The Parameters that are overridden from the Dynamo definition.
Ordering Schedule for Hand off to Shop Manager


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