Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dynamo - RFI Sheet Generator Tool

This tool allows us to type in the list of room names that contain plumbing fixtures that need to be specified through an RFI. Through a few simple nodes we're able to generate the sheets, first selecting the title block, and then group them based on their categories. All this data is fueled from the excel spreadsheet. In order for this node to work. You must first right click your sheets category, in the project browser, and set up a browser organization. Our's is called "Harvey's Sheet Organization". From there you can follow the steps below for success! I found an example of this online and cleaned it up a bit for our use in the office. I also modified the layout of the programming to work smoother.

Step One: Format your Excel Sheet (Drawing Name, Drawing Number, and Drawing Type)

Step Two: Specify your new "Drawing Type" Project Parameter

Step Three: Create a New Browser Organization

Step Three: Ignore Filtering and Specify Group and Sorting to "Drawing Type"
Step Four: Fueled by Excel File (Create the Module)

Final Result in Sheet Browser

RFI 001 - Bathroom #1 107 Example (Titleblock With Sheet Number and Name filled out.)
The initial example and process that I followed, and refined, can be found here: 


Adding placement of callouts for RFI's on sheets:

View Placement. All callouts must be drawn in the order of the Excel Spreadsheet in order for this to work.


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