Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Revit Saver's October 2015 Add-in Update Review for Unifi v1.8!

For the past month or so I've been doing product updates and addin overviews of programs that have aided me throughout work and school. I know I've mentioned Unifi over and over and over again, and I will continue to, because until you've tried it you haven't lived. The following are V1.8's release notes pulled from Unifi's website. The team has given Unifi a fantastic face lift, and it is even FASTER than before. Every release it gets faster and faster... hence every release has "Added several stability enhancements". These stability enhancements are no joke. Each stability enhancement has translated to $ in our pocket making that nineteen dollar a month price tag, per seat, pay for itself in increased efficiency in the office. For being in charge of our Revit content library this has made the time spent managing and updating content exponentially smaller. It used to be dreaded now it is complete joy to see our content library not only grow, but increase our productivity.

V1.8 RELEASE NOTESPOSTED IN NEWSRELEASE NOTESWe are very happy to announce the release of Unifi v1.8. Highlighted in this release is the beginning of our graphic styling project including new colors, logo, and several UI/UX enhancements to make your experience using Unifi more enjoyable and streamline your efficiency!
A new Ideas portal is now live and open to all customers! Your ideas matter, login and start submitting your ideas directly to the Unifi team today. You can vote on other peoples ideas and let the Unifi team know what YOU want us to build next! To top it off a brand new Unfii website has been launched, check it out!
New Login Screen
New Unifi Login Screen
New Features:
  • New logos, color palette, and branding graphics have been updated across the Unifi application.
  • Admins can now edit the Library of a Content Request! (Thanks Fergus!)
  • Type Catalogs now display sorted exactly the same way as Revit does. Previously it was sorted per type name by default. (Thanks Ryan!)
  • New User Information button added to the top header bar of Unifi. This will show the currently logged in user and allow them to logout. More features will be added to this button very soon!
  • Dates displayed across the Unifi application have been set to the users local date/time format. (Localization of Data/Time)
  • Added several stability enhancements
Exterminated Bugs:
  • Fixed the Unifi installer to now show the current Unifi version in the Windows Add/Remove programs dialog. Previously it was stuck on v1.6..for some silly reason.
  • Fixed an issue where if a library was removed from an existing saved search the user or admin was never alerted of this. If this scenario happens Unifi will now display a human readable error message.
  • If a user was once part of a User group then removed, they would still have access to that User Groups permissions. We have fixed this so Unifi Admins across the world can now stop pulling their hair out.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases newly uploaded content would not immediately be shown in searches and browsing.
  • Fixed an issue where some content requests where not showing up for Company Admins. This annoying behavior has been resolved.
  • Fixed an edge case of company saved searches not appearing once all libraries in a company were deleted. This would never happen in reality, but hey we fixed it anyway.
  • Fixed an issue where the sorting options for a saved search were not working. Whats the point of sorting if it doesn’t work?

We truly hope you enjoy this release. Thank you to all our great customers who share our vision of organizing, analyzing, and distributing the worlds BIM data!!The Unifi team is already working on the next release. We will not sleep, sleep is for the weak…and that is making us walk around the office like…the undead.
zombies!!Enjoy your Halloween!!

These enhancements continue to get better and better, and with this release it's clear that it will only continue becoming better and better thanks to the new customer request portal. Thanks to Parley, Steve, Brian and others at Inview Labs our requests have been listened to and enhanced time and time again!

The following video is how we've logged our plumbing group assemblies and utilized Unifi to enhance our productivity. This allows us to read a set of plans with labels, associated to each plumbing assembly and tied to our database, and allows us to place these assemblies in the prospective locations based on the Master Plumber's direction. You can only imagine how much time this saves compared to the normal route of having to insert a group that's in a list or inserting a group from a specified file location. Instead this hyperlinks our whole process all thanks to UNIFI!

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