Saturday, October 3, 2015

Håvard Vasshaug's Dynamo Training and Revit Content Libraries

Andy Milburn’s (and other’s) Flat Content. Downloadable through the links below.
As a follow up to the post a few months back about Revit training resources, and excellent places for learning new tips, I would like to add Håvard Vasshaug's blog to the list! I had the pleasure of going through some of his tutorials and witnessing the magic that he presents for learning Dynamo and exploring some of his other posts along the way.

Here are the links to his blog, the revit content he is kind enough to share, and a sample of one of his workshops he recorded and shared for online viewers:

The following is from Håvard Vasshaug's blog. His reasons for sharing are a blessing to the Revit community, and also validate my reason for sharing! Thank you Håvard!! Your inspiration to share is an immense value to the Revit community!

The Revit Saver's aftermath of following Håvard Vasshaug's Tutorials
Now this is an absolutely crazy form, but the ability to connect adaptive components through the series of scripts, to array to a conceptual massing form, is incredibly powerful. I would highly suggest sitting down for an hour or so and following along to his videos. It helps users become much more comfortable with the foreign looking interface of Dynamo for people that have never visually programmed before.

Luke Johnson's explanation of what scripts look like to users that have never visually programmed before! o.0

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