Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ENGworks Releases BIMXChange for Revit 2016

About a month ago I sat in on a "Coffee with Caleffi" webinar and had the pleasure of watching Jim Meseke, Director of BIM Content at ENGworks, give a presentation on "How to Utilize BIM in Hydronic System Design". The webinar was fantastic, as are the rest of the Coffee with Caleffi webinars, but this one stood out from the rest. It illustrates the importance of accurate building information content, and why it's important for this content to get into the hands of users who not only draw with Revit, but who order these products frequently. Jim Meseke explains how to draw utilizing their content in an approach that leverages the content for documentation and utilization in the future. At the time of the webinar Jim Meseke mentioned that the objects and cataloged through their platform "BIMXchange" that was only available for Revit 2012/2013/2014. After the webinar, due to many questions about the presentation and the relevance of where Revit is today and the accuracy of the calculations being utilized, Jim Meseke personally called me and explained to me his reasons for utilizing an older platform, and I explained why he needed to upgrade it. I mentioned to him how terrible this is for users, like myself, that stay up to date with the content and Revit platform and that it was only affecting their business and not promoting the "future" of BIM. After our conversation we realized how much we had in common in terms of being Revit advocates and spreading the word of how important building information content actually is and our roles and we ended on common ground of focusing on what the "future" may hold. I am pleased to announce that BIMXchange has been update for Revit 2016 and is now downloadable. This is HUGE! This means that users now have access to some free content, that was funded primarily by manufacturers for the users, and can now rely on accurate fittings that were drawn by industry professionals! Thank you Jim for listening to my rants throughout the webinar, and still providing this access to the community and showing us you truly care about the future of BIM and Revit!

ENGWorks also has a remarkable library of fittings that they made for Uponor Engineering. Here are the links for the content, and as for today, two great examples of companies in the MEP world of things that actually care that their customers have the right tools to design their systems accurately. I would also like to thank Mike Rivers at Uponor Engineering for caring enough about the future of Revit and it's role for designers today.



Download BIMXchange here: http://www.engworks.com/BIMXchange/bimxchange.html

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