Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Power of The Dynamo Community

In case anyone wanted a good, clean cut, example of the power of the Dynamo community. Go take a look at the post I posted two months back asking for "Creating Assembly Views, Sheets, and Schedules", and the response through Julien's hard work of creating additional nodes for his Steam Nodes Dynamo package (Available on the package manager).

In fact, I challenged the package to automate the naming of the assemblies a bit differently! It wasn't quite ready, but after communication and explanation of the functionality (that I need to carry out my day to day workflows for Revit assembly automation), Julien announced it is "coming soon"! I just wanted to share this example because this shows the power of the Dynamo Community, and for non-coders, like myself, this is absolutely powerful! Thank you Julien! I intend to update this post as the package becomes updated, and showcasing the process through Autodesk Screencast!

You can view the discussion here:

Selecting model elements for the Assembly

Modification of Assembly Parameters
The Ability to Rename the Assembly has been requested!

The Module - Larger Image on the Community discussion board at DynamoBIM.com

Thank you to Julien for SOLVING this request!!!

Some additional functionality, that I would like to see released, would be the ungroup elements node!

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