Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bulk Family, Group and View Saver

Luke Johnson. You are the man!!!

We use Unifi in our office as well, but to have the ability to bulk export family libraries is just incredible! We've been creating a series of groups, and were saving them one at a time (Until Unifi of course)! _._

For anyone who has always looked for that bulk exporting tool, without the catch, here is where you will find it!!! Although if you want analytics and some other cool perks of being able to manage your content libraries... Unifi is definitely still the only way to go!!!

Read Luke Johnson's blog for his explanation!

What Revit Wants: Free Ways to Export your Families from Revit and S...: There was an API addin available a while back , but in recent years I have used: the Case Batch Export Family RFA's tool http://whatr...

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