Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dynamo Customizer Beta

The possibilities of this are absolutely exciting. This evening DynamoBIM announced a beta to their Dynamo Customizer extension to Dynamo. From the bit of research I've done on it, I have gathered that you can now host your Dynamo scripts in a web browser and have others interact with these scripts... All through their browsers. This type of functionality excites me in a few ways of thinking about the possibilities of illustrating programmatic diagrams, having clients potentially interacting throughout the design process to communicate their own ideas based off of your initial guidance through a script, and data integration to be streamlined back to the Dynamo model fed from external data that was hosted in the cloud. Now whether or not this functionality is available yet I can see the potential or future possibilities are going to be extraordinary! After I get the beta installed, and ran, I will share my results!!! For now check out the new beta here:


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