Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Revit Saver's "Learning the Revit API" Resource List

I have recently become fascinated with learning the Revit API. I started to attempt learning it back in November of last year; however, became overwhelmed. I decided instead I would take baby steps at grasping the concepts. That seemed to help a lot. I began with learning how to use Dynamo, and it has immensely helped our office with automating tedious tasks that we have to make on a daily basis i.e. sheet making, parameter changing, and even group placement. I love how easy Dynamo has helped me talk to the Revit API in a more approachable manner. I have reached a point more recently; however, that has pushed me to step it up to the next level. Instead of relying on strictly nodes or facades of codes that exist in Dynamo, I have decided that I could accomplish way more through coding the processes. I am going to start by coding the tasks that could be simplified through a string of those processes nested into an addin button. All this has brought me back to ground zero of learning the Revit API through Microsoft's Visual Studio. As I progress my learning and find more resources for this I intend to keep track of it on this blog. To start here are a list of resources provided by Harry Mattison that I have found immensely valuable at easing my transition into this coding mentality.

I would highly suggest starting here because this provides the most amount of information at once at a pace that's perfect for beginners... Also on this page is the Revit SDK. This set of information has the tome "The Revit API". This document contains all the code behind every single item you can search. Dig deeper into the SDK.

Not many people realize that Autodesk has provided a good foundation of knowledge right into the help document. This resource is very user friendly and has a lot of valuable information.

Harry Mattison's Blog is a great resource. His classes are a bit pricey; however, the highest rated across the boards by beginners who wanted to learn the API.

Jeremy Tammick's Building Coder Blog is an exceptional resource as well, and is constantly being updated. The RevitLookup tool is also immensely helpful (provided in the second link)

Jeremy Tammik posted this article on his blog back in June of 2014

Excellent Resource for illustrated Revit API codes

I intend to continue growing this list as I learn the API, and keeping everyone up to date as this list progresses. Everyone learns differently, but this is what I have found to work so far for me in aiding me down the right path of eventually learning the Revit API!

Also if anyone has any other additional information they would like to add to this list for beginners send it this way!


  1. Excellent initiative, can you please add this your list?

    1. I've added this Mohammed! Great Resource. Thank you!