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The Revit Saver's Compiled List of Learning Resources

As a student and mechanical design professional I simply can't express how important it is to have a list of learning resources. Before I start to learn any new piece of software I always begin compiling a list. My list exists within my internet browser as a series of organized bookmarks. I make sure that I am logged in on any device I use, for utilization of this list, and it makes it that much easier to stay connected with whats up to date.

More recently I have began blogging. Blogging allows me to have a feed of other people that are keeping Revit Users like myself up to date. This list is also an excellent resource, and allows me to stay up to date as these individual post all of this content.

One important thing to note about this list is that it is constantly evolving. Much like the individual that is learning Revit. In order to go above and beyond you have to continue to learn! This mentality will help you evolve your Revit skills and learn things that simply would be impossible to learn without staying up to date with the technology!

Here is a look at some of my current resources that help me stay up to date with Revit.

Linked In
1.) Linked In "Revit Users" group is a great resource to stay up to date. Brian Meyers started this blog, and has helped over 70,000 Revit Users stay connected in an open forum of questions and learning material. If you have a question about Revit, it's very likely that it's been asked or addressed in this forum.

LinkedIn Revit Users

2.) YouTube Subscriptions are an excellent way to stay up to date with what is online. More recently I have come across Jeremy Roh's Learning Resources. Jeremy Roh is a professor at the Univesity North Carolina - Charlotte, and his classes are all posted online. He has over four years of classes posted online. These lessons are simply priceless. I have found that starting in his BIM Methods Fall 2014 class and then continuing to his Computational Design Spring 2015 lecture series to be the most worth while.

Jeremy Roh's Class Website
Jeremy Roh's YouTube Channel

Bim Method's Fall 2014 Video Set
Computional Design 2015 Video Set

The Revit Saver's YouTube Subscriptions

Throughout this list of YouTube Subscriptions I have several videos that I've used to learn Revit. I would suggest following each one! You may find it helpful to answer a lot of the questions I had when I started learning Revit or as I came across a problem.

3.) Revit Blogs

To the right of this blog I have the feed of many blogs I follow. I would highly suggest adding these to your own! It will be easy to stay up to date without having to search for information. This list, as mentioned before, is constantly evolving. My list may be helpful to me, and not as helpful to others. Just keep adding to your list, and keep on learning!

I will add to my blog list as I find more valuable resources!

Have fun and be patient it takes time, but it will pay off!

I'm always looking for new resources too, so feel free to share some of your favorites with me!

Autodesk Classes on Demand

Steven Shell has some remarkable classes on Revit layout and graphics. This is very beneficial to any students or professionals looking to make their graphics pop!

- The Revit Saver

Steve Stafford's Blog

The following is a list of resources from Steve Stafford's Blog. Thank you Steve!

Blog Listing - Revit Focus

Note: I've moved blogs that have not posted in the last 6-12 months farther down the list. A few URL's are not found or not available anymore, I deleted them entirely. If your blog is not on the list just let me know.

An RSS feed will save you a lot of time in the future if you just add these to your feed, you'll see their new post in your updates as they occur instead of remembering to go to them yourself. Happy blog browsing!

Updated: December 2, 2014

Revit Architecture Blogs
a [BIM] New World (Teresa Martin)
A Revit Beginner Blog (Elisa De Dios)
All About Revit (Adrianna Schneider)
All Things Revit  (Rob Danner)
Arch in 3D (Jason Grant)

Beyond the Silos (Aaron Vorwerk)
Better Revit (Mark Cronin)
BIM Fact Check (Jay Zallan)
BIMUZER (Scott Rosenbloom)
Buildz (Zach Kron - Autodesk) I follow!

Cad Shack (Todd Shackleford)
CADSoft (various authors)
Club Revit

David Light (UK) I Follow!
Do Revit (Robert Manna) I Follow!
Do U Revit? (David Baldachinno) I Follow!
Down to the Details

HOK BIM Solutions
Initial.AEC Blog
iRevit (Craig Barbieri)
Knowing What You Don't Know (Mike Massey)
Learning Revit (Veng Leong)
Los Angeles Revit User Group

Malleristic Revitation (Aaron Maller) I Follow!
Minutemen Consulting (Christopher Fields)
Not Another Revit Blog (Michael Patrick)
openRevit (Alan Jackson) (Alfredo Medina) I follow!

Revit 24/7 (Cesar Rullier)
Revit Add-Ons (Tim Grimm) I follow!
Revit Archcenter (Dwane Lindsey)
Revit Buzz (Barrie Sharp)
RevitCat (Tim Waldock)
Revit Coaster (Troy Gates)
Revit Detail (Peter McCarthy) I follow!
Revitdialog (Chris Heinaranta)
Revit Elemental (Chris Senior)
Revit Futures (Kelly Cone) I follow!
Revit Forum (Revit blog)
Revit for Real (Brad Hardin)
Revit Implementation (Mike Hardy-Brown)

Revit in Plain English (Jay Polding)
Revit King (Andru Bush)
Revit Learning Club (Eric Boehlke)
Revit LT (Tony)
Revit Journeyman (Phil & William)
Revit Professional (David O'Brien)
Revit Randoms (Darryl Store)
Revit Rants (Chris Price)
Revit Rocks! (Daryl Gregoire)
Revit Sticky Notes (Rahul Shah) I follow!
Revit Swat (Kelvin Tam) New! Follow

Revit Tip of the Day (Carl Gibson)
Revit Templateer (Sam)
Revit Windsurfer (Eduardo Menéndez)
Revit USA (Tony Isenhoff)
Rev[it]ecture (Jason Coe)
Revitize (Nicholas Lyadurai)
Revittize (Mathew Miller) I follow!
Revitelligence (Kyle Archer)
RevitworX (Michael Ruehr)
RVIT (Jason Kunkel)

Shades of Grey (Andy Milburn) I follow!
Simply Complex (Marcello Sgambelluri) I follow!

The BIM Leader (Cesar Trevizo)
The Pragmatic Reviteer (Gordon Price)
The Revit Blog (Jim Herndon)
The Revit Clinic (Autodesk) I follow!
The Revit Convert
The Revit Geeks Blog (Brian Mackey) I follow!
The Revit Jedi (Scott Chatterton)
The Revit Kid (Jeffrey Pinheiro) I follow!
The Revit Room (Pachi Montón Aldaz)

Wasatch Front Revit Users Group (Travis)
What Revit Wants (Luke Johnson) I follow!

Revit Structure Blogs
(German) RevitDE
Bim & Beam (Autodesk)
BIM x WISE (Allan Wise)
Cadd Help (David Harrington)
Revit Structure Learning Curve (Alan James Wooldridge) I follow!
Revit Structure Talk (Glenn Jowett)
Revit Waterman (Mike Hacker)
Revit Workflow (Jamie Richardson)
Structural Analysis and Optimization (Autodesk Robot focused, Massimo Speziani)

Revit MEP Blogs
Duct Duct Pipe (William Wright)
Inside the System (Autodesk) I follow!
MEP BIM Guru (Phil Pleiss)
MEP CAD Engineer (David Butts)
Open Revit
Revit MEP (googlesite)
Ross Baruzinni (Ken & Derek)
The Revit MEP Skull F*ck (Author Anonymous)

Revit API Blogs
BIMapps about 3rd Party Applications (Emile Kfouri - Autodesk)
BIM Advent (Steve Germano)
Bolt out of the Red (Guy Robinson) I follow!
Boost Your BIM (Harry Mattison) New, I follow!
The Building Coder (Jeremy Tammik) I follow!
CAD App Development (Matt Mason)
Daren@Work (Daren Thomas)

Nathan's Revit API Notebook (Nathan Miller - wiki format) I follow!
Revit APP Blog (Bruce)
Rod Howarth I follow!
Revit Programing (Ed Pitt)
Revitnet (Don Rudder) I follow!
Simply Dynamo (Marcello Sgambelluri)

Blogs with no recent posts (6-12 months without a post)
Autodesk Revit Building FAQ
Bad Revit (David Moreira)
BIMbytes (Grant Doherty)
Dimension Hack
Family Jewels (Autodesk)
Green Revit (Brad Hartnagle / Beau Turner)
HOK Brisbane Revit Blog
Inside the Factory (Various - Autodesk)
Meier is Reviting (Bobby Hammond)
PKH Lineworks
Revit Anonymous
Revit Architecture India (harvesting site)
Revit at Overland Partners
Revit Beginners (David Duarte)
Revit Bimmer
Revit Fix (Brian Renehan)

Revit Guy
Revit in Motion (Oliver)
Revit Nightmares (Klaus Munkholm)
Revit OCD (Dustin Goffron)
Revit Ramblings (Sharon)
Revit Scratchpad
Revit Today
Revit Trouble Shooter (Gabe Hernandez)
Revit UP (David Cohn)
Revit Zen (Roger Liucci)
Revitalize(Bruce Gow)
RevitED (Troy Crandell)

Revitlution (Chris Zoog)
Revitology (Oliver Smith)
Revitrove (Ngoc Nguyen)
Roger Cusson
South Australia RUG (Bill Adams)
The Digital (Matt Rumbelow)
The Family Man (Shaun Van Rooyen)
The Revit Life (David Moody)
Under NDA (William Lopez Campo)
What the Bleep is Revit? (SimonGlover)

Luke Warm Coffee (Jeff) RST
Revit Fox (Mark Fox) RST
Revit Ninja (Ben May) RST
Vida Revit (Luis Navarette) RST

Revit Anarchy (Brian) RME
Revit Garage (Jason) RME
Revit MEP (Scott Brisk) RME
The BIM Bulletin (Jill Bernhardt) RME

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International Blogs


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