Sunday, August 23, 2015

Autodesk Revit -> 3DS Max -> Stingray Workflows

Tomorrow my final semester of undergrad starts for my Bachelor's in Environmental Design, so I figured I would start investigating some new workflows to develop over the next several weeks. I found this video that exhibits some of the workflows I look forward to trying out throughout the new Fall semester. For now I'll share some of the videos that I've found, and in coming weeks the work exhibiting some of these developmental workflows!

Autodesk Stingray was just released by Autodesk, and provides a live link rendering platform to 3DS Max Models. If you load your Revit model into 3DS Max and then to Stingray you have a live link very similar to something Lumion can provide. Now even though I doubt, at this point, that it may stand a chance to Lumion's power and ease of use. It will be nice to evaluate it anyways! I'm always looking for ways to ease a workflow, so why not give it a try! Also, if you're a student like me, you can always go to and check out all the free software they have to offer! You won't be upset!

Also, if you haven't subscribed to Autodesk's youtube channel, I highly recommend it. It's kept well up to date, and there are some interesting videos that might be able to help you stay up to date with their new technology! Here's a video to some workflow tips provided by Autodesk for their new software platform Autodesk Stingray!

Here's a link to the official Autodesk Stingray website, and an overview of all it's features. Go check it out!


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