Monday, August 6, 2018

The Revit Saver's Haitus, The Inception of Harvey's Engineering, and Our Leica Geosystems Partnership!

The Revit Saver's Hiatus

As many of you may have noticed I've been on a hiatus since November 20th, 2017. I've posted a few items here and there, but for the most part, I've been gone.

The reason for this hiatus has been a cumulation of a lot of things. It all began with finishing the last semester of my graduate school. I graduated in December 2017 with my Master of Architecture from Montana State University and have been working 40-60 hour weeks since. I've been playing a gradual game of catchup at work due to my final semester of graduate school being so rigorous. I was asked to teach a course DDSN 299: Portfolio Capstone at Gallatin College, our local community college this Spring Semester, that was in direct relation to the culmination of my thesis work. I gladly accepted the offer and had a great class with lots of excellent portfolios as an end result.

My wife and I welcomed our son Brayden into the world on March 7th, 2018. He is a wonderful, smart, happy, and healthy baby and I look forward to peaking his interest in the A.E.C. industry as he gets older!

The Inception of Harvey's Engineering

While getting acclimated to our new schedule and keeping our newborn son happy, I began working on rebranding our company at Harvey's Plumbing & Heating, under the direct supervision of our owner, to "Harvey's". Part of this transition included evolving our Design Division into the Engineering Division by hiring our Professional Engineer Ryan Sullivan, redesigning truck wraps, t-shirts, long sleeves, polos, sweaters, and tailoring a massive website upgrade. Amongst all the changes a new logo for our company was born:
While rebranding our company we were interviewed and published in Western Home Journal on our design to fabrication processes. You can read the article here. The article explains a lot about our process and why we stand behind the vision at Harvey's.
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Our Leica Geosystems Partnership

Warehouse Laser Scanning to Revit Fabrication

Some of the videos and posts that peaked Leica's interest are below: 

Through several LinkedIn posts about what we've been up to at Harvey's, Leica Geosystems reached out to me and asked me to present our process at Hexagon Live in Las Vegas in June as a partner! I gladly accepted the offer and presented Scan It! Fab It! Install It! I also participated in a roundtable discussion that focused on key players in the industry that are changing the industry in a monumental way. The feedback received was so widely approved I decided to submit the same presentation to AIA Montana and have been accepted to present that in September. I've been practicing the presentation and adapting it to be current to what we've been up to at Harvey's and overall people have been very responsive and interested.

Leica came out, on their dollar as our partner, at the end of July and filmed our process and company. We haven't received the video yet, but we look forward to sharing it as soon as we get it. It will be available in a few months is what we've been told! Below are the interviews I've had at Hexagon that explain our vision and what we do at Harvey's.

As you can see I've been busy, but the time has come for more posts and to keep you all up to speed! I appreciate your patience with me as it's been rough for several months! I look forward to the future now that I can breathe again! If you're attending BILTNA in St. Louis this week please stop me in the halls and say hello!


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