Thursday, September 22, 2016

September Application of the Month: Slack Team Integration

For anyone looking to ignite their productivity in their offices I highly suggest Slack. Slack is a team based communication system that allows users in any office to collaborate live through a messaging platform that is incredibly dynamic and user friendly.

In our firm we've implemented slack to communicate design intent, ideas, and details back and forth to other key players in other offices in our building without having to lose productivity getting up and walking back and forth between each others offices.

We've also created a link within Revit that allows us to open slack from within Revit allowing our users to not have to leave their Revit application. This increases productivity ten fold for new users in the office to not worry about asking questions.

Please go check it out!


  1. Want our company switch to Slack,seems to be much better than Skype, but still can`t test it as there are need for a Team) cant test it only by myself)

    1. Also, can you share schreenshot about how Slack link looks within Revit?

  2. Yes, interested to see more of how that Slack opens up inside of revit?