Monday, April 25, 2016

A360 Team PDF Markup Workaround

The following is a step by step workflow of how one could successfully markup a pdf using the A360 Platform. This is the workaround until the app allows for a native option, but seems to be fairly efficient.

Step One: Open A360 App and Locate the Isometric Paper PDF File

Step Two: Select the info button (i) and then click the "Open in" button

Step Three: Select Copy to Bluebeam, or any other pdf markup tool you want.

Step Four: Markup the document

Step Five: Click the "Open In..." button in bluebeam, or a similar button in another app.

Step Six: Select the "Copy to A360" button.

Step Seven: Follow On Screen Prompts

Congratulations, you have just marked up a PDF from A360 and saved the new version with markups back to A360.

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