Friday, December 4, 2015

Dynamo - Specification File Writer/Specbook Writer

So after getting back from Autodesk University in Vegas this year I've been thinking a lot about data. What can I do to simplify some of our workflows, and how can I get our prefabrication assemblies to run the smoothest at Harvey's Plumbing and Heating. I was thinking about it all day and I finally came to a conclusion. "DYNAMO! I found it!"... sorry for the horrible pun... anyways I've decided I will embed file location paths from our network to our family files and write a script that can copy the files to and from a file location. This is fantastic because now all we have to do to get the information to the trades in the field is to simply place the families, and with all this amazing data to be able to send it seamlessly to the cloud! Here's the module. I intend to obviously add more to this, but for now it works perfectly from taking Revit Family files data paths and copying the placed nodes files to and from folder locations. PERFECT for ease of data transferring and folder creation in a360 Team.